Melinda Lund
I had a car accident a couple years ago that involved major whiplash. Over time I was still bothered by reduced range of motion and pain. Kathy worked on me and targeted my specific needs. Needless to say, I am now back to where I was prior to the accident and could not be more grateful. Kathy has helped me with other muscular imbalances as well. Very, very blessed to have had Kathy "fix me up" and I highly recommend her!
Andrew Maxwell
Kathy is amazing! Went to her with neck pain that limited my head movement and was so much better after the session! Highly recommend even if only for relaxation. You will notice a major difference in your day to day life.
Gale Ayers
Awesome therapist with healing hands! :) Kathy helped me avoid a cervical fusion!
Marcia N. Ellis, RN, BSN, MS
I have relied on Kathy's services for over 10 years due to chronic myofascial pain. She has helped me more than any other health care professional. Kathy is unique in that she assesses and addresses each client's individual needs rather than using a one size fits all approach. She has unmatched strength and massage technique. She is a person of great integrity and has made me feel comfortable from the very first session. She truly is unlike any other massage therapist I have ever experienced.
Lance Luria, M.D., FACP
I’ve known Kathy for over 8 years and had worked with her in our Mercy Integrative Medicine Dept. for 6 years. She is a very gifted massage therapist and received substantial advanced training to effectively deal with complex chronic pain patients. Her very high skill level, matched by her innate talent, resulted in  tremendous  successes for these patients. From fibromyalgia to migraine headaches, to chronic neck and lower back pain, she has cultivated  appropriate therapeutic interventions to successfully manage a host of acute and chronic pain conditions.
Kathy is very personable individual and, with a gentle yet highly  honed touch, she can  correct a multitude of structural imbalances while, at the same session, the patient still experiences a “relaxing” and highly satisfying massage experience.
Kathy Forson
I started seeing Kathy Willard a couple of months ago when traditional medicine was failing me. We first met when I was working in Corporate Health and she was working in Integrative Medicine back in 2010-2012.In the last @ 5 years I developed pain issues from working 12-14 hour shifts at the hospital. My lower back, hips/sciatica pain, plantar fasciitis,heel pain, quad weakness, and numbness in my thigh was keeping me from living a quality life and being able to do things I used to do. Kathy’s massage technique and use of specific essential oils is helping my pain. I feel hopeful now that I may actually be able to function well enough to start walking and exercising again. In addition, Kathy is a sweetheart. Her personality, attitude, and spirituality enhances her God-given talent. I am so thankful for her.


Trish Higby
I have really bad migraines that I’ve had for years. I’ve tried so many things to treat them and the most helpful so far has been my regular massages with Kathy. She has an amazing ability to know just what and where you need work to alleviate tension and pain. She cares about your wellbeing and that she actually is doing what is best for you. I feel like I’ve found a needle in a haystack with her and am so grateful for what she does. She is the absolute best!!  |  Giving you Victory over Pain and Stress.  |  (417) 827-3071