New Year - New Successful Food Routine

We know what that "end of the year" ticking clock means - anxiety around deciding on "resolutions".  Many people center those resolutions around food.  They think about doing a harsh cleanse or detox...or they take the big plunge and swear off of "food ______" for the rest of their lives!  Well, we know that doesn't work and honestly, this all causes more stress which may, in turn, lead to less healthy habits.  The viscous cycle. 

Instead - let's just say we want to change our food routine.  No restrictions, no "bad" food....just ease into making a few changes to start with and build from there. 

Some quick and easy ideas to start with may include

  • Choosing foods with a smaller ingredient list - including ingredients you can define
  • Cooking more at home - pick one new recipe to try every week or two
  • Ditch the calories - opt for balancing your nutrients - a little bit of carbs, some protein, lots of non-starchy veggies and round out with real/whole fats (butter, avocado, nuts/seeds, etc.)

One other new routine to try is including the use of herbs and spices in your meals.  The health benefits of herbs and spices are many and is one of the main reasons I encourage them (I'll have more specific blogs about that in the future).  However, the flavors you get from using them is amazing!  If you've ever had a well prepared meal at a restaurant that left you in awe of it's flavors, it's probably due to the seasonings.  Think about oregano and basil with Italian food, Turmeric with Indian food, sage during Thanksgiving - I'm hungry already!  If you're stuck in that same old food rut - why not build a new food routine around using new or more herbs and spices!  Just the addition of variety can really inspire new eating habits.  New Year - New Food Routine! 

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