Massage Services

Stress Buster Massage: The stress. The anxiety. The worry. It’s all a sign for you to keep fighting, stay strong and get a MASSAGE. You are destined to win the VICTORY*!
-Includes a sample blend of stress busting essential oils take with you.
* Did you know? Research has indicated that massage may reduce anxiety and depression; ease pain from headaches and backaches; decrease stress hormone levels; enhance immune system function; and improve sleep quality and self image.

Pain Buster Massage: Our skilled massage therapists provide a client centered, science-based manual therapy, delivered with compassion and skill to help you gain VICTORY over pain. Our Pain Buster Massage is great for but not limited to: migraines, headaches, upper and lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, whatever your pain we have a solution for you.

Infant/Pediatric Massage is a bonding activity between the parent/caregiver and their child. Benefits: helps promote relaxation and helps baby self-regulate calm, reduces crying, enhances immune system function, helps baby/child to sleep deeper and more soundly. You will learn a variety of specialized techniques to relieve stress, teething pain, congestion, gas and colic. The class is one hour long, individualized for each infants needs and taught by a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Raindrop Technique The purpose of of Raindrop Technique is to stimulate every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level through the oils, supporting the immune system, bringing the body into structural/electrical balance, and enabling the release of toxins wherever they may be lodged. Raindrop is a non-secular art and science.

During your session the Facilitator (Massage Therapist) uses a layering process of 9 different Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils applied to the feet and spine using vita flex and massage techniques. The combination of these oils, and the application of moist warm towels to the spine and back, allows the oils to penetrate your body rapidly and begin their therapeutic process.

Raindrop & Massage Package is a combination of one hour of Therapeutic/Swedish Massage plus a one hour Raindrop Technique.

Hot Stone Massage melts away stress, muscle pain and stiffness. Each session is 90 Minutes and combines hot stone techniques with a full body massage.

Cancer Care:
Sometimes you have to go through things , like cancer, and not around them. That is where Victory Massage Therapy steps in to encourage, support and help you manage the symptoms of cancer treatments*.
This 60 min massage is specially priced at $45 for the hour.
*Research shows massage can improve sleep, reduce nausea, pain, neuropathy and fatigue in patients going through cancer treatments.
-Please provide a Dr. release stating massage therapy is appropriate before appointment.

Esthetics Services

The Busy Bee (30 min)
A quick pick me up that will refresh your skin with antioxidant rich ingredients.

The Glow Up (60 min)
A customized relaxing facial to enhance your natural beauty, calm your mind, and maintain your skin’s health. Includes a face, neck, and shoulder massage.

The Purge (60 min)
A deeply cleansing, soothing, and detoxifying facial. Includes extractions.

Dermaplanning is a manual exfoliating technique used to remove the dead skin cells and peach fuzz off the face. As a result products penetrate deeper, makeup goes on smoother, and skin instantly glows. This service includes a customized hydrojelly mask.

Say goodbye to your eyelash curler! A Lash Lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes for 6-8 weeks. It is a great alternative to lash extensions as it requires very little maintenance and has long lasting results.

A lash tint consists of applying a special dye to your lashes to produce a similar affect to mascara that last weeks at a time. This process visibly lengthens, darkens, and thickens the appearance of eyelashes with no smudging, clotting, or rubbing off.

The quickest way to amazing lashes without the use of a curler or mascara. This is a great service for anyone who wants to save time in the morning and look like they are wearing makeup without actually having to apply any!

Microdermabrasion (60 min)
Renew overall skin tone and texture with this gentle skin resurfacing procedure. Great for wrinkles and acne scarring.

Buy 4 Microderm facials, get the 5th for free.

Facial Enhancers (Add-on to any service)

Enzyme Add-on (10 mins) $10

High Frequency Add-on (10 mins) $10

Hydrojelly Mask Add-on

Got your back (60 min)
Treat your back to the same skin therapy that your face is receiving with a relaxing, refreshing, and detoxifying treatment. Includes a deep cleanse, mask, and back massage.

Hair Removal:
Brows (20 min) $12
Nose (10 min) $10
Upper Lip (15 min) $10
Chin $10 (15 min)
Half arm (30 min)- $15
Full arm (45 min)-$30
Underarms (20 min)$20
Half leg- $30 (30 min)
Full leg (60 min)- $60
Back or Chest (50 min) $40 and up
Stomach $25
Bikini (30 min) $30